Another Chicken Dish! Feed your family for under $16!

When I was growing up, my mother did just about EVERYTHING one COULD do to a chicken...fried, baked, broiled, name it, she's tried it. I even went on a SERIOUS chicken strike during high school. I refused to eat ANY kind of chicken and you couldn't PAY me to eat an egg. I was OVER IT!!

I went thru something similar after having my first son...but that was entirely different. I couldn't stand the sight or feel of raw chicken. That took YEARS to get over. I didn't start serving chicken to my family again until maybe 5 years ago. Yall think I'm playin! Ask my husband!'s another meal that's easy to make, easy on the pocketbook in our tough economic times and even your KIDS will eat it!

Chicken, Mushrooms and Artichokes in a white cream sauce served with rice pilaf and a salad. The recipe can be found HERE

2lbs. of boneless chicken breast @ $4.99
16 oz. package of whole mushrooms @ $2.98
1 jar of Alfredo sauce @ $2.50
2 boxes of Rice-a-Roni Rice Pilaf @ $1.29 each
1 small container of sour cream @ $1.50
1 bag of salad @ $.98

Add that up... and it's $15.53. I already had artichokes on hand, as well as capers but together they shouldn't run you more than an extra $5.

It's very simple...wash and saute the mushrooms in a little olive oil, then set aside. Do the same with your chicken breasts. Normally I cut up the chicken into small pieces, but this time I chose to leave the meat whole.

In a large pot, empty the Alfredo sauce, add 3/4 jar of water and maybe 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream. Add artichokes (cut up) and maybe 2-3 tablespoons of capers. Season to taste.


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