Buffalo Chicken Salad...give that green salad a KICK!

I serve salads with just about every meal that I serve. I'll be honest, I don't really care for salads at home (I realize this is mostly a mental thing). Something about store bought, bottled salad dressing completely turns me off (although I WILL admit that Target's Market Pantry Ranch Dressing and their Caesar Dressing ARE THE BOMB!) and I'm almost SURE that restaurants are probably using the same thing coming out of a much larger bottle!! Again...yes, I know...it's all mental! HAHAHA!!!

In my grand attempt to shed the last of this baby weight before my 20 year high school reunion this year, I've been forcing myself to eat salads for lunch...I've tried all sorts of things in my salad just to make it interesting...that can be hard sometimes!

I had some left over chicken breast that I already cooked...and thought if I added some wing sauce to the meat, it would satisfy my current craving for buffalo wings (since we didn't have any more) and possibly make for an interesting lunch salad!

And interestingly enough...this sauce doesn't give me a wicked case of heartburn like every other spicy thing in my house!!

Buffalo Chicken Salad!!!!

Enjoy!! I know I sure did!!!
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