I know it seems silly for me to post this, but some people really DON'T know how to make a smoothie (trust me, I actually KNOW some of those people). I have several variations that I like to make depending on the purpose.

You need a liquid. I've tried several different juices, vanilla soy milk, vanilla RICE milk and regular milk (well...Lactaid...heheheh). You need a thickening agent. I've used yogurt (plain, vanilla and fruit flavored), silken tofu (for the protein factor - don't knock it...I lost a gang of weight after baby #1 using this stuff) and ice cream. You need FRUIT - because what's a smoothie without fruit? Eww...the thought alone scares me!! HAHAHAH!!

Here's my personal favorite...


6-8 ounces of orange juice
1 cup of vanilla yogurt
1 medium sized banana
3-4 frozen strawberries (because they aren't always in season)
Ice cubes (maybe a handful)



Toss everything in a blender and turn the damn thing on!!

See how easy that is? HAHAHAHAHAA! Sometimes I make them for my kids after dinner. If I make it for myself, it's usually a meal replacement - but then I'm using tofu for that instead of yogurt. If using tofu, add a sweetener like honey or Splenda...otherwise it'll be bland and have a chalky taste.

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