How I fed my family for $26.51...

So rent was due on has been tight because I'm still waiting for my disability checks to kick in (that's a long story for another time and my OTHER blog). There are some weeks that I'll stretch the food we have for an extra week during RENT TIME so we won't be strapped (or bounce our rent check)!

Today I went grocery shopping and spent $26.51 for the week...and what I got will feed my family for a week!

Stop gasping and staring at your monitor in disbelief! I'm dead serious! HAHAHA!

I had a $6 off coupon for my new favorite store Fresh & Easy for purchases over $30. On Friday a girlfriend of mine gave me a $30 gift card to Target. She wasn't able to make it to my baby shower and had been carrying the card with her for the past few months. She finally got around to giving it to me.

I loaded the kids up in the truck and we headed out. I love Fresh & Easy because they have special parking for people with kids...right up in front like Handicap parking. Isn't that fantastic? I had a very specific list of things I wanted to get from there...unfortunately, I like to shop. By the time I rang everything up, it came to something like $41. I gave them my coupon and $9 (from the $10 my friend gave me on Friday paying me back for a Halloween ticket I got her son) and swiped $26.51 on the debit card.

Why is the breakdown so important? It's because the debit card tracks my bad spending habits! husband checks the bank account upon the return from ANY of my shopping adventures.

Then I headed down the street to the new Target. Even though it's new, it looks JUST LIKE THE ONE down the street from my house. Although I think MY Target is nicer because we have underground parking! I'm so spoiled!

Anyway, I went to Target and grabbed the rest of my weekly bill came up just shy of the $30 limit on my card. I have .35 cents left on it! I'm still waiting for my husband to ask where all the food came from and how come I got away with spending so little...of course this will come back to bite me NEXT week when I go back to spending $175 for the week like I normally do!

Oh well!! Such is life...

Have a great week!
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