Menu Plan Monday - Week of December 1

Ok, better late than never. I actually haven't SEEN my computer since last Wednesday. Who knew I could take a mini-vacation from technology and ENJOY it? This week's menu is really quite simple. We celebrated Turkey day at my mother's house...with about 30 other people. Needless to say, the only up side to this was not having to cook...the down side, NO LEFT OVERS!

So I am preparing Thanksgiving dinner all over again and will feast on left overs all week long! I mean's sickening to me that I don't have turkey for turkey sandwiches!! No midnight runs to the kitchen for dressing and macaroni and cheese...I can't stand it!

Here we go...

Roasted Turkey
Cornbread Dressing (with Jimmy Dean Sage sausage crumbled in)
Mashed Yams (I think I ate myself to death with candied yams, so I'm gonna just mash them instead)
Macaroni and Cheese (not that Kraft stuff either)
String Beans (cooked in chicken broth with marinated red peppers)
Cranberry Sauce (I'll be making this from scratch today)
Dinner rolls
Green Salad (as always)

Enjoy...I know I will!!
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