Menu Plan Monday - Week of October 27

There's no particular order in which these items will be served because nobody likes to eat the same thing at the same time! Don't ask me what THAT'S all about! HAHAHA...

Enchilada Bake (made with ground beef and green sauce)
Spanish Rice
Meatloaf (with dressing mix instead of bread crumbs)
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Greens (Mustard & Turnip)
Chili (always a favorite when served over fries, Fritos or rice)
Baked Marinated Chicken
Rice Pilaf
Chicken, Barley & Vegetable Soup (this is new...I've never used barley before)
Green Salad (served with every meal)

See? There's nothing elaborate about my meals...I just know how to stretch them by swapping sides! I cook the food and let everyone decide how they want to eat it!

What's on YOUR menu this week? Feel free to email me your recipes and pictures of YOUR creations! If there's something on my menu that you'd like the recipe for, just drop me a line and I'll post it!
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