New Spin on Taco Meat!

My 8 year old (ML) requests Tacos nearly EVERY WEEK and my husband can eat Mexican food EVERY DAY (if I let him). I'm not sure how MOST of you prepare taco meat, but I haven't used packaged taco seasoning in DECADES (and seeing how I'm only 36, that means it's been a LONG TIME)!

Try something different! And if you've got an even better way to prepare it, please share...I like trying different things!

This is super easy...

2 lbs. of ground turkey or ground beef (which ever is on sale this week!)
1/2 sweet onion finely diced
1 bottle of La Victoria MILD Red Taco Sauce
2 1/2 cups of water

Cook the meat and onions together and drain fat. Stir in the water and add 1/3 bottle of taco sauce. Turn up the flame to medium-high and boil the water down until the meat has absorbed all of the water.

And since times are lean these days when it comes to money and how far the dollar and a meal goes, try adding a diced potato to the meat. It makes the taco meat STRETCH and makes a pretty decent filler for burritos!

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