This week's groceries cost me less than $65!

Please don't hate me!! I am feeding a family of 6 (I'm still getting used to the new head count since I had the baby) for less than $65 this week by shopping at my new favorite market.

For years I have been a die hard Trader Joe's fan, but I haven't set foot in my old stomping ground since I found Fresh & Easy. I'll admit, the logo looks a little hokey...I'm guessing it's supposed to make you "think green" since everyone is so eco-conscious these days.

The weekly mailers come with $6 off coupons and while I was in the store a nice older male worker handed me another one. Not only did I save $12 by using the coupons, but I saved at LEAST another $10-17 on the other products I normally purchase elsewhere. Unfortunately, F & E can only be found in California, Nevada and Arizona...but I'm SURE they'll catch on in other states soon!!

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